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The Manayupa, Desmodium molliculum, is a creeping herbaceous plant; that is, a plant that lacks woody stems, with a horizontal growth, belonging to the family of the fabaceaewith which it shares these characteristics. This family, also known as "legumeshave in common the presence of a group of secondary metabolites known as "secondary metabolites".flavonoids". The manayupa is native to Central and South America, and can be found here in the PeruThe area is located between 3200 and 4000 meters above sea level, that is, in the steppe highlands, puna, high jungle and paramo ecoregions, including the departments of Piura, Cajamarca, Huancavelica, San Martin, Huanuco, etc. Desmodium molliculum (Manayupa) possesses a wide variety of these metabolites, among which we find flavonoids, tannins, steroids, triterpenes, coumarins and alkaloids. The different proportions and configurations between these groups of metabolites are exploited by humans to make use of curative properties of various kinds, such as its qualities purifying, anti-inflammatory, antihemorrhagicbeneficial to the kidneys, analgesics, astringentsamong others. Presentation: Each bag is 80g.