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A private, non-profit, scientific, medical-healthcare and promotional association, legally incorporated in Lima in 1983, at the initiative of a foreign patient who had come to this country to receive the benefits of traditional medicinal plants recommended by Edmund Szeliga, sdb.

During the last thirty years IPIFA has been applying the teachings and basic therapeutic methods of this Polish salesian priest, a pioneer in Peruvian phytotherapy and founder of IPIFA, who passed away in Lima on September 3, 2005.

So far, IPIFA’s licensed physicians have treated about 50,000 patients with medicinal plants from the Andean and Amazon regions.



The scientific research of medicinal plants and other natural resources, particularly from Andean countries.
The therapeutic use, spreading and promotion of phytotherapy as well as other duly validated complementary therapies.
The organic cultivation, processing, industrialization and marketing of natural resources to sustain the association, so as to enable it to operate as a laboratory, a pharmacy, etc.
The development of cultural activities: educational, artistic, literary and sporting activities related to the institution’s aims.
Any other activity that may contribute to or is related to such aims.





General Assembly of Associates
(13 members)
Active members
Honorary members
Board of Directors
(6 members)
President: Dr. Wilbert René Scargglioni Chávez
Vice-President: Dr. Ramiro Carbajal N. - Surgeon -
Specialist in General Surgery -
CMP 23614 RNE 9392
Secretary: Lolita Luisa Sousa Cacho