following the original spirit and therapeutic method of its founder,
and open to all therapeutic methods,
both traditional and modern with proven efficiency, tolerance and accessibility,
continues treating local and foreign patients and friends
Las Retamas 465, Chaclacayo, Lima
Tel. (511) 358-3566 / 358-4772
Also at:
Av. Aviación 3435, San Borja, Lima. Tel. 661-2353 /

Certified physicians treat local and foreign patients with medicinal plants from the Andean and Amazon regions, as well as with other validated complementary therapies.

We do not follow any pre-established schemes in IPIFA. Each case is clinically evaluated on an individual basis. For this reason and in order to prevent the risk of self-medication, we provide medicinal plants only with a medical prescription and in accordance with each phase of the treatment -cleansing, curative and prophylactic- depending on the patient’s needs and clinical response.

So far, about 50,000 outpatients from different parts of the country and from abroad have been treated and their clinical histories recorded. Of these, about 60% had chronic diseases: 30% of them with respiratory diseases, 25% with rheumatologic illnesses, 15% with digestive problems, 10% with skin diseases and another 20% with neoplasia. Of the remaining 40%, 70% had acute respiratory diseases, 20% acute diarrheic diseases and 10% metabolic and others.

In the field of clinical and phytotherapeutic research, IPIFA has been studying the most frequent pathologies, such as bronchial asthma, cancer, diabetes mellitus, lithiasis and urinary infections, overweight and obesity, depression, allergic dermatitis, arthrosis and arthritis, HIV-AIDS and prostate adenoma.

Dr. Ramiro Carbajal N., Surgeon,
Specialist in General Surgery
C.M.P. 23614 /RNE 9392


If you would like a personal appointment with any one of our certified physicians experts on phytotherapy and other natural therapies, please call our telephone numbers during IPIFA’s working hours.

If you would like a personal appointment in IPIFA – Lima, please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or ordinary mail, and you will receive the date and time of your appointment in the same way.

Dr. Gerardo Chiclote V.
Surgeon and auditor
CMP: 36047

Dr. Ramiro Carbajal N. Surgeon,
Specialist in General Surgery
CMP 23614 RNE 9392

Dra. Carmen Cabrera C., Surgeon, specialist in anaesthesiology, analgesia and revival
C.M.P. 23872 / RNE 12022




If you would like to have an alternative or complementary treatment in Peru or from abroad, please send your data directly to IPIFA via fax (511) 358-4703 or via e-mail, including the following information:

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The patient will receive our phytotherapeutic proposal via fax, e-mail or by post, together with the terms of payment. Once it is accepted, the medicinal plants and instructions will be dispatched.

Clinical and phytotherapeutic research of frequent pathologies like bronchial asthma, rheumatologic diseases, diabetes, neoplasia, AIDS and others. Taxonomic classification of various medicinal species from the Andean area, mainly from the highlands and the jungle, as well as the phyto-chemical analysis of such samples, with the collaboration of universities, both in Peru and abroad.

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Talks and community training courses. Participation in educational programmes and discussions with the population through the media. Publication of articles and brochures on natural and traditional medicine. Spreading of Andean – Amazon phytotherapy among health professionals.

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We provide accommodation for local and foreign visitors who could do with a restorative and detoxifying respite in a pleasing ecological environment.

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